Rolex Dials

Written by Michael Federico
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When a person purchases a Rolex watch, there is generally only one or two different dial designs for that particular style. A person might be able to choose between black or silver. Many times, stores will only carry the traditional form of the watch, which has a very specific dial. For instance, the traditional GMT Master comes with a black dial and blue and red rotating bezel.

There are alternate dials out there, though. Some stores, in fact, carry a wide variety of dials that fit either one or several different Rolex watches. These pieces allow a person to replace an existing dial that has broken, or they allow a person to entirely change the appearance of his watch. It should be pointed out, though, that Rolex dials are not cheap, so it will not be possible for everyone to simply pick up a new dial whenever the urge hits them.

Rolex Dial Designs

Certain watch styles such as the Rolex Day Date, actually have a number of dials that will work for them. They come in blue, gold, silver, white, black, and many more colors. Also, some feature Roman numerals, some feature Arabic numbers, and others simply have lines to mark the hours. The colors of these markers vary along with the color of the dial.

There are specialty dials that are set with diamonds or other gems. There are also gold dials that come in a number of styles, including the tapestry design. It is even possible to find a wood-finished Rolex dial. Also, a person can use a combination of designs to create a customized dial.

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