Rolex Gmt

Written by Michael Federico
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There are many things that the serious traveler faces on a regular basis. Running from gate to gate to catch connecting flights, sitting on runways for hours at a time, and dealing with the pleasures of jet lag are just a few of the things those who take journeys for business or pleasure have to deal with whenever they leave home and take to the skies. While there is not much that can be done to alleviate most of these problems, the Rolex GMT can make things a bit easier on the traveler.

The watch is 40mm, making it easy to read even through travel-bleary eyes. The dial is black and the rotating bezel is red and blue. As part of the oyster collection, the GMT's band is a traditional Oysterlock bracelet.

Technical Features of the GMT

The first thing that makes the GMT appealing to travelers is the 24-hour hand. This makes it easier for people to chart the length of their travels and to make adjustments for shifts in time zone. In fact, there is an independent adjustable 12-hour hand that allows a voyager to check times in two different time zones.

The GMT will not help a person get over jet lag any quicker. It also lacks the ability to create more legroom in coach. However, it can help with trip planning, and it can make it easier to set up connecting flights that can actually be caught. Also, while in transit, a person can better gauge when he will arrive at his destination.

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