Rolex Oyster Band

Written by Michael Federico
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The Rolex oyster collection features a number of the company's most popular watches. The Explorer, the GMT, the Submariner, and the Day Date are only a few of the timepieces that fall into this category. Each one features an Oysterlock bracelet and many have a safety clasp, as well.

One of the things that makes the oyster band truly special is the fact that its links utilize screws. The majority of watchbands are crafted, and subsequently dismantled, by the use of pushpins. Screws are far stronger, adding to the band's durability. The traditional Oysterlock bracelet features end pieces that measure 20mm. Most also come with six removable links, so a person can adjust the band to fit his needs. The band can be found in different styles of gold, platinum, steel, or a combination of these materials.

Replacing an Oyster Band

So many of Rolex's watches use this band that most approved Rolex vendors will carry replacements in all styles. A person can visit one of these shops in person or peruse a website to see what bands are available. Many people, collectors especially, will actually choose to replace their traditional Oysterlock band with a specialty version. Diamond Oysterlock bands are often purchased for this reason.

A person can also have his existing band repaired. This process should only be handled by a specialist, as a poorly done job can end up costing a person thousands of dollars. When the repair procedure is complete, the band should look just as it looked when it was first purchased.

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