Rolex Oyster Bracelet

Written by Michael Federico
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When the Rolex oyster bracelet was created, it was intended to be both strong and elegant. Like most Rolex watches, those that use the oyster band were intended to be worn both in times of leisure and action. This design plan meant that the piece had to be constructed of material or materials that would not break under pressure and would not diminish in appearance. Gold, platinum, and steel have been used in the construction of various oyster bracelets in order to achieve this goal.

The bracelet itself generally features strong 20mm end pieces that help to maintain the integrity of the band. These pieces (along with the screws that are used in the links) help prevent the stretching and spacing that often occurs in watch bands. Even Oyster bands that have diamonds added to them can withstand the elements, and retain their look and form for many years.

Watches that Use the Oyster Bracelet

To call any Rolex watch common would be doing a disservice to the timepiece. However, there are certain styles of Rolexes that are more popular than others. Many of these top-sellers are part of the oyster collection and feature the Oysterlock bracelet.

The Daytona, used by race enthusiasts features the bracelet with a safety clasp. The Yachtmaster, the GMT, and the Explorer are also made with the bracelet. The Submariner, worn by divers and lovers of fine watches, comes complete with an oyster bracelet that features a special flip lock. It is possible to find replacement bracelets for any of these watches should they be needed.

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