Rolex Parts

Written by Michael Federico
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Each part of a Rolex watch is specifically crafted to work in perfect relation to every other part of the watch. While many timepieces will simply have dials and bezels that are aesthetically pleasing, those parts serve a very important purpose on a Rolex. A bezel might allow a wearer to monitor elapsed time on a 24-hour basis as opposed to a 12-hour basis, and a dial might give someone the ability to accurately keep track of his running, climbing, or driving pace. However, just because these Rolex parts have a technical purpose doesn't mean that they don't look good.

Rolex bracelets, bezels, and dials can be found encrusted with diamonds or emeralds. On some models, they can even be found in platinum, a material that is simply not used on the majority of watches in the world. Even clasps can play a role in the watch's appearance. There are some highly durable clasps that are completely hidden, and others that are visible and engraved.

Buying Rolex Parts

When buying Rolex replacement parts or additions, it is important for a person to go through an approved Rolex jeweler. Most people who have traveled to a large American city have seen people selling fake Rolex watches. Unfortunately, this practice has carried over to many distributors. They sell replica pieces that are not actually crafted by Rolex. For the most part, these parts do not even approach the quality of the real thing.

Legitimate Rolex dealers will often have a large collection of parts for a variety of watches. They can usually replace or repair any working piece. They will often offer specialty items like wood finished dials or gold and emerald baguette bezels, as well.

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