Rolex President

Written by Michael Federico
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The Rolex President watch is one of the most sought-after timepieces in the entire world. It is considered by many collectors to be the single finest watch available on the market. The latest version of the watch features a few changes from its last incarnation. The main difference with this model is the weight--it is 30 percent heavier than its predecessors.

The full size President watch is 36mm. It features date and day displays on the face, both of which can be easily read. The Presidential band and clasp were designed specifically for this watch and cannot be found on other Rolexes. The watch itself can be found in gold or platinum.

Specialty Rolex Presidents

Due to the fact that the President is such a favorite among collectors, there are a number of specialty designs available. Instead of purchasing the watch in yellow gold, a person can find it in rose gold, which is extremely rare. The watch can also be found with vintage or exceptional dials. These include the Rolex meteorite watch face and the famous red dial.

Adding a diamond bezel to the watch will only increase its stature and value. There are several different diamond sets that can be used, and there are a variety of bezel styles that can be put in place. This watch is relatively expensive, and some of the specialty designs can cost upwards of $40,000. It is possible to find used pieces on the Internet through auctions, but in order to find a genuine new watch, a person would have to visit an approved Rolex dealer.

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