Rolex Replacement Parts

Written by Michael Federico
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If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Rolex should feel very flattered. No other brand of watch has been knocked off as often as Rolex. "Near-replicas" and true counterfeits are available on the Internet and on sidewalk display tables in cities all over the world. The fact that so many people buy these fakes is a tribute to the reputation that Rolex watches have acquired over the years. They are known for their quality and appearance, but they also serve as a bit of a status symbol.

Buying actual Rolex watches is not difficult. However, to purchase a new one, a person has to visit one of the jewelers that has been approved by the watchmaker to sell its products. Rolexes are not cheap, and because only certain stores carry them, replacement parts are not usually cheap, either.

Replacing Rolex Bands, Dials, and Bezels

A number of distributors that sell Rolexes also maintain a large inventory of replacement parts. Rolex wearers can have their bands taken apart and have the screws replaced. Links can also be added or removed if necessary. People can also find a variety of dials, and both traditional and diamond bezels.

Most people purchase replacement parts, because they have broken their watches or the pieces have simply reached the point where they need replacing. However, some people buy new parts to change the look of their watches. There are several dials, bezels, and bracelets that fit a number of Rolex watches. Simply changing one of these parts can give a Rolex an entirely new look.

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