Rolex Submariner

Written by Michael Federico
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When most people think about Rolex watches, they think of high-class, high-quality timepieces that are worn by businesspeople to the office or to social gatherings. Generally, Rolexes are not thought of as active wear. In reality, though, Rolex produces some of the most durable watches on the market, many of which are designed for extremely active people.

The Submariner was created for serious divers. The majority of watches are not waterproof in any way. Even most of the finest watches can only withstand the effects of water for up to a depth of about 300 feet. The Submariner, on the other hand, can handle a dive of 1,000 feet. Not only will it withstand the elements at that depth, it will also remain easy to read.

The Look of the Submariner

The thing that separates the Submariner from most waterproof watches is its appearance. The band is an oyster flip lock bracelet that comes with extension links. It is crafted in steel for a classic look and for strength. The standard model comes with a black dial and numerals that are easily offset from the background. It also features a black, rotating bezel that can be easily manipulated whether it is being used on land or somewhere under the ocean's waves.

While the features of the Submariner make it perfect for diving, one does not have to enter the water to get use out of it. It is, after all, a Rolex. This means that, above all else, it is designed with elegance and style in mind.

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