Rolex Watch

Written by Michael Federico
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To many consumers, Rolex is synonymous with quality and elegance. For those who can afford them, Rolex watches offer a variety of sleek designs that are proven to last much longer than the average timepiece. There are items that are made of steel, gold, and even platinum. Often a band or dial will be encrusted with diamonds or other precious stones, elevating the watch to a piece of fine jewelry.

Craftsmanship is what sets a Rolex apart from most other watches. The majority of models are certified Swiss chronometers. This means that the watch is not only for show--it will keep accurate time for years. Some watches are so sophisticated that they can even keep concurrent time in two different time zones.

Rolex Watches for Active Lifestyles

There are a number of Rolex pieces that are designed specifically for athletes and adventurers. The Rolex Explorer was originally designed to make the climb up Mt. Everest in 1953. The latest version of the watch, the Explorer II, has a 24-hour hand and a 24-hour graduated bezel. It also has a 12-hour hand that can be adjusted for changes in time zone. It is strong enough to stand up against extreme cold and violent winds. The Submariner is suited perfectly for divers. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 1,000 feet, withstanding changes in both temperature and pressure.

The Cosmograph Daytona was made with racecar drivers in mind. It measures elapsed time and average speed. There are also minute and hour totalisators that can spring into action at the push of a button. The Daytona's ability to keep both time and pace has also made it a favorite piece for runners and cyclists.

Buying Rolex Watches

If you have purchased a Rolex on the streets of New York, Chicago, or any other major city, chances are it's a fake. Rolexes can only be purchased from official Rolex jewelers. These stores are generally chosen for their commitment to selling and maintaining only the highest quality watches. Some websites do advertise used Rolexes at reduced prices, but a person cannot always be sure that he is getting the real thing. Be sure to ask about authenticity before buying.

Rolexes are not for everybody. Even the most basic designs usually cost over $1,000. Specialty pieces and diamond watches will, of course, cost much more. It is often possible to customize dials and bands for an extra fee.

Rolex Parts

A number of Rolex dealers can also supply their customers with replacement parts. A consumer can find bands, dials, and bezels for almost all Rolex models. In many cases, the cost of a part far exceeds that of many fine watches. For instance, a woman's Rolex 9.0 karat bezel with four baguette emeralds costs, on average, $1,400-$1,500.

In many cases, a distributor can do repairs to almost any part of the watch. Dials and bands can be exchanged. Bands can also be taken apart and their pins can be replaced. There will no longer be problems with stretching or spacing between links, and the band will look as good as new. Replacing parts can greatly extend the lifespan of a Rolex, and in some cases, it can even alter the piece's appearance.

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