Rolex Watch Faces

Written by Michael Federico
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Rolex watch faces are often what set them apart from other watches on the market. This is due mainly to the fact that most Rolex faces are truly unique in appearance. However, many of them also serve an added purpose. The watch face on the Explorer makes it easier for climbers to measure how much time in minutes, hours, and seconds has elapsed on their climb. The watch face of the Submariner gives divers the chance to accurately plan their ascent from the depths of the ocean. There are also Rolex watch faces that allow travelers to check times simultaneously in two different time zones.

Watch faces can also draw attention to the watch, itself. Rolex pieces can be decked in diamonds or other jewels. Even the time markers can help a watch stand out. Their style, color, and texture can give a watch a traditional, vintage, or contemporary feel.

Specialty Rolex Watch Faces

There are several Rolex watch faces that are considered quite rare. While it is still possible to find these dials, many collectors do their best to procure as many as possible before they disappear for good. The red dial that was designed for the 1680 Submariner is one such piece. There is also the Rolex Meteorite watch face that was crafted from a space rock that is over four million years old.

It is also possible to find non-traditional watch faces that are not rare. There are black pyramid dials for the Day Date that feature black Roman numerals and there are those with gold faces and white Arabic numbers. There are even wood-finished Rolex watch faces available. Most of these items can be found through an approved Rolex jeweler.

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