Rolex Yachtmaster

Written by Michael Federico
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While the name Yachtmaster suggests that this watch is designed only for boat enthusiasts, it was actually created to look both sporty and stylish. The appearance of the Yachtmaster varies with each of the three styles. However, the technical features on all the models are basically the same.

The intermediate version of the watch is 35mm. The dial is steel, and the band is generally either yellow gold, steel, or a combination of both. It also features an 18 karat gold rotating bezel. The gentlemen's Yachtmaster has an oyster bracelet, like the other styles. However, the bracelet on this model is made up of platinum and steel. The dial is also platinum, and so is the bezel. This aspect of the watch sets this version apart from most designer timepieces available on the market.

Yachtmaster for Women

The ladies' design of the Yachtmaster differs from both the gent's and the intermediate version in several ways. The date display is sapphire crystal and it utilizes a Cyclops magnifying lens. The rotating bezel is 18 karat yellow gold and it is overset on a white dial that can be found with white or gold numerals.

The lady's Yachtmaster, like the other two models, is self-winding and waterproof up to 330 feet. At 29mm, this incarnation of the watch is the smallest. The bracelet, as with the majority of watches designed for women, is thinner than the band on the men's and intermediate watches. While this watch does not traditionally feature jewels on the dial, band, or bezel, it is possible to add those features to the design in some cases.

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