Seiko Chronograph Watches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Seiko chronograph watches combine sophisticated form with precision function. Styled for both men and women, Seiko chronograph watches range from the Flight chronograph, with a bi-directional rotating bezel that can be used as a slide rule to the sleek Premier series. There is even an unusual asymmetrical design that incorporates all the functions you would expect of a precision instrument.

The chronograph function records elapsed time. Various models can record from 60 minutes in 1/5 second increments to twelve hours in 1/20 second increments. A second-hand subdial is located at the nine o'clock position, and an alarm at six-o'clock. In most models, when the alarm is not in use, the hands can display time in another time zone.

Seiko Chronograph Watches for Women

In the past, women who wanted a watch with chronograph functions were pretty much stuck with men's styles, slightly scaled down. Because of the three subdials and the necessity for corresponding setting buttons, there's a definite limit on how small the watch can be and remain readable. Seiko chronograph watches for women have managed to make these larger watches still look feminine and even dressy.

In some models, eight diamonds mark the hours. A mother-of-pearl face and straps in burgundy or light blue also brighten the look. Kudos to Seiko for understanding that women want advanced functions without losing femininity and flair.

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