Timberland Watches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Timberland watches are made with the same care and attention to detail that have made Timberland boots famous among outdoor enthusiasts. For the most part, Timberland watches eschew the fanciest of the bells and whistles, offering instead classic American sport design and the functions most often actually used. Alarms, stopwatches and other features are available, but the focus is on a solid, dependable, good-looking timepiece.

The Timberland company was founded in Boston in 1918, specializing in boots. The company grew and became very well known in the 1970s, when they produced the first truly waterproof boot and took on the Timberland name. Gradually they expanded into outerwear, accessories, and of course, Timberland watches.

The Timberland company is as dedicated to community action as it is to producing reliable products. Timberland employees are given 40 hours a year of paid time off, to be used in community service. In addition, the company works very closely with City Year, an "urban Peace Corps" started in Boston, and donates a portion of their sales to organizations fighting hunger and poverty.

Timberland Watches Combine Style and Function

You won't find any trendy watchbands patterned with Scottie terriers here, nor will you be able to check the winning lottery numbers on your Timberland watch. What you will find is excellent quality and careful workmanship in classic styles. Timberland's slogan is, "Don't just wear it. Use it." That's as good a way as any to express the rugged durability and absolute focus on functionality.

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