Tissot Chronograph

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Tissot chronograph is a logical offering for a company so commonly affiliated with sports. Unlike standard watches, the chronograph comes with a built-in timer or stop-watch and may incorporate other add-ons and extras such as depth gauges and alarms. As the official timekeeper for several international sports including skiing and cycling, you can rest assured that Tissot knows a thing or two about precision measurement.

When the Tissot father-son team founded the company back in 1853, they did so with a spirit of innovation and durability. For this reason, many international sports governing bodies have chosen Tissot as their affiliate and partner in worldwide competition. The concept of pushing limits and redefining boundaries clearly applies not just to corporate enterprise, but athletic excellence as well.

You Don't Have To Be an Athlete To Wear a Tissot Chronograph

There are plenty of other good occasions for wearing a Tissot chronograph. You may not even need the added functionality of a stop-watch or alarm; you may just like their added flair on your watch dial. But if you are the type of watch aficionado who looks for utility as well as style in your timepieces, the Tissot watch is a perfect complement to your wardrobe.

Many consumers spend days, even weeks, shopping around for the ideal pair of shoes, necktie, sunglasses, or other accessory. But these same shoppers will give little or no thought to the watch on their wrist. When you present yourself, whether it's for the first time or to a long-standing business colleague, only a fraction of what you say is communicated verbally. The rest is conveyed through small choices in manner, posture, and style, which means even small decisions--such as the wrist watch you wear--matter more than you think.

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