Vacheron Constantin Watches

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Vacheron Constantin watches are hailed today as some of the finest timepieces ever crafted. Since the mid-18th century, Vacheron has been a leader not only in the Swiss watchmaking world, but around the globe in general. In its storied rise from a modest manufacturing operation into a full-blown international icon, Vacheron has helped introduce its fair share of style and design innovations as well.

One of the company's biggest breakthroughs came under Georges-Auguste Leschot, who joined the Vacheron-Chossat company in 1839. Until then, watchmaking had been a laborious craft that required each part to be engineered and styled by hand. As a result, parts were seldom if ever interchangeable, which is partly what accounted for the watches' exorbitant prices. But Leschot changed all that with the introduction of machine-built parts.

The Continuing Legacy of Vacheron Constantin Watches

So great were Leschot's pioneering efforts that even Karl Marx hailed the company's leadership in Das Kapital. Many experts say that the rise of the Swiss bar movement owes a tremendous debt of thanks to Leschot's design breakthroughs. Without them, other watchmaking luminaries such as Longines and Omega would have seen their heydays much later than they did.

Today, Vacheron Constantin watches are also some of the most popular replica watches out there, especially among die-hard aficionados. The company's legacy is so highly regarded by experts and fans that Vacheron replicas, unlike other knockoffs, carry no stigma whatsoever. After all, it's not only prohibitively expensive to wear an original Vacheron, it can be downright difficult to locate one in many places around the world.

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