Watch Accessories

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There's quite a range of products that full under the banner of watch accessories. To some, watch bands themselves are little more than accessories that complement the watch face, though no real watch enthusiast will ever cop to this. The argument is similar to saying a house's foundation is just an accessory that's meant to support the real attraction--the building itself.

By others' standards, watch accessories include anything that picks up the style, color, or pattern of the watch on your wrist. That means bracelets, rings, and cuff links all qualify, at least in some people's books, as watch accessories. Some would even go so far as to include money clips in that same category, provided they're aesthetically similar enough to the watches themselves.

The Watch Accessories Family

In addition to bands and other jewelry, there's a whole line of watch accessories devoted to proper maintenance and storage. Watch winders, for example, ensure that your self-winding pieces maintain the tension in their mainsprings, especially overnight when lack of use can slow down their movements. A lot of shoppers see watch winders as an extravagance, but if you've spent good money on luxury watches, winders are a must, if for no other reason than to protect your investment.

Another form of protection is the watch case, which can often store as many as six watches. Any reputable vendor will provide you with a makeshift case to transport your watch, but you may wish to have a hard case that serves as its permanent home. If you're a collector in particular, a watch case is indispensable. And if you only own one luxury watch, you still ought to consider a well-constructed case to protect it from falls, scratches, and oxidation.

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