Watch Bands

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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To the lay person, watch bands scarcely factor into the decision of whether or not to purchase a specific timepiece. The most important thing, in his or her estimation, is the look of the face. But this reasoning is akin to neglecting the interior of an automobile. After all, people really only see the outside, unless they're riding with you. So why not skimp on the interior altogether?

The answer is because you have to ride inside that car, and therefore it must be comfortable to you. Same goes for luxury watches. The way they fit, their comfort on your wrist, their adjustability are all factors determined by the bands, not the dials, knobs, complications, and trimmings. So it's worth taking some care when choosing the watch strap for you.

Different Kinds of Watch Bands

Look through any jeweler's case and you'll notice a staggering number and variety of watch bands. There are metal "link" bands that can have pieces added and deleted to fit your wrist. There are alligator, crocodile, and other leather straps that range from large grain to small grain, shiny finish to matte finish, rounded, straight-edged, notched, and indented. If the options sound dizzying, just wait, there's more.

Additionally, you have to choose the color of your watch bands, the designer, the width and length, as well as the strap type. Many luxury watches come only with adjustable deployments as opposed to buckles. In fact, there's a good chance you won't be able to find the exact band you want, which is when it behooves you to hire a custom watchband manufacturer.

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