Watch Bracelets

Written by Tara Peris
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Watch bracelets are an excellent way to make a fashion statement. Contemporary and hip, they allow for more individual expression than the more traditional wrist watch, and changed to accommodate different fashion needs. They are the design of the moment, but one that looks like it's here to stay.

There are myriad options when it comes to selecting a watch bracelet. From futuristic silver bangle watches to antique designs, watch bracelets come in every conceivable shape and size. Similarly, they can be chosen so as to fit all budgets, thereby facilitating their use as fashion accessories.

New Trends in Watch Bracelets

These days, a popular choice for watch bracelets is the leather strap. Although a leather bracelet may seem counterintuitive, these watch bracelets are hip, sporty, and fun. The band can be long and narrow so that it wraps several times, or thick enough to function as a single cuff bracelet.

This trend has gained enough momentum that upscale watch makers have started to take notice. Watch bracelets can now be found among lines from Cartier®, Bulova, and Wittnauer, and are a must-have item on every girl's list. This look is here to stay, so consider investing in a luxury piece.

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