Wenger Watches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Wenger watches are made by the same company that has been making the authentic Swiss Army Knife since 1908. The same passion for precision and innovation that made that knife an international icon goes into the series of timepieces that they have developed. The Wenger company established their headquarters in 1893 in the Jura mountains, where watchmaking is a proud tradition and a primary occupation.

Wenger watches are divided into two categories. The division bearing the Wenger name carries 70 styles of watches for men and 36 women's styles, all of which are appropriate for both business and recreation. Another 24 styles comprise the category "Swiss Army Watches." These rugged timepieces are appropriate for outdoor use.

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You might expect such a precision instrument to be priced out of reach, but you'd be wrong. Though they are certainly a top-level product, their list prices are not at all unreasonable. Furthermore, there are many websites which sell genuine Wenger watches at deep discounts. These watches are considered quite collectible.

In today's society, the watch a person chooses to wear says a lot about him or her. The person who buys a Wenger watch is not buying a trendy name or a flashy piece of jewelry, but an extremely high-quality piece of personal equipment. That choice says something good about the purchaser's values.

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