Women's Baume And Mercier Watches

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Women's Baume and Mercier watches come in a variety of styles to suit every taste, from chic and elegant to fun and funky. Since 1912, Baume and Mercier have been making watches that rest on a tradition of innovation. These classic timepieces are assembled from only the highest quality components, made to be precision instruments that give years of service.

Women's Baume and Mercier Watches Are Dynamic

One of the special qualities of these watches is their personality. All women's timepieces have a distinct feel that reflects the wearer's mood. Classically elegant 14- and 18-carat styles have exquisite detailing, decorated with diamonds and intricately fashioned link bracelets. They are the epitome of feminine chic. The Capeland and Carree are also delicately styled, with precious gems and diminutive grace.

For the woman with modern tastes, there are women's Baume and Mercier watches that have sleek lines and an uncluttered appearance. The Catwalk is a delightful style with the case inset into the bracelet for the look of fine jewelry. It is available with a variety of straps, each of which give the watch a different look. Black satin studded with Swarovski crystals is a fun option, and black rubber encased in stainless links offers a more contemporary look.

A tradition of quality and innovative design is evident in all women's Baume and Mercier watches. With their creative designs and high quality components, these designer timepieces have earned a place among the finest watches made in the world today. Their appeal is timeless, and their craftsmanship makes wearing them a pure pleasure.

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