Women's Nike Watches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Women's Nike watches, praise be, are actually designed and sized to fit women. Most women's watches are either delicate pieces of jewelry with no other function except timekeeping or slightly smaller versions of men's designs. As someone with very small wrists, I can testify that the scaled-down men's watches don't work. Nike is the only manufacturer that makes a watch that fits snugly and comfortably and doesn't twist around on a small wrist.

Women's Nike watches come in three basic styles: Presto Cee, Imara and Triax. The Presto Cee is a cuff watch that has date and time plus a simple chronograph. The Imara is an attractive oval watch developed for fitness usage. It comes in three levels.

Women's Nike Watches: Imara Fitness Styles

The Imara Fit is the simplest and least expensive of the three, featuring a simplified chronograph, alarm, day/date, and two time zones. The Imara HRM monitors and displays heart rate in beats per minute or as a percentage of the maximum heart rate. The target heart rate zone is programmable, and there is an audible out-of-zone alert. The HRM also records the exercise time, time in the target zone and the number of calories burned. The Imara Run has a 43-lap storage capacity and a two-segment interval timer, designed for walk/run programs and interval training.

The Triax is the most original of the women's Nike watches. It has been completely redesigned to fit around the wrist bone, which makes it especially comfortable when working out--no more wrist bones rubbed raw by the bands of watches styled for larger wrists. The watch face is slightly tilted by this design, but is very easy to read. The Triax comes in five models. The top of the line has a 50 lap memory and a chronograph with simultaneous lap/split display, a countdown repeat timer, an event counter, seven alarms, and lap/split time recall.

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