Womens Watch

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Shoppers seeking a fantastic womens watch are usually looking for the same outstanding engineering and performance found in mens watches, but without a lot of the so-called bells and whistles. Whereas many mens watches tend to be gussied up with chronometers, complications, and other add-ons, womens watches are generally regarded for their simple elegance. This is not to say that there aren't ornate, diamond-studded, two-toned, gem-encrusted affairs--just that simplicity tends to be the touchstone.

Womens watches are, naturally, smaller than most mens watches, not just in band size, but in the dial and bezel as well. Under the dial, the same precision elements drive the mechanical sweep of the hands. On the outside, the polished finish and style accents are hallmarks of the same great Swiss engineering that drives mens watches. And, of course, the price tag is still commensurate with the work that's gone into such painstaking production.

Buying Womens Watches as Gifts

If men are a headache to shop for, that burden is often exponentially felt when shopping for women, especially when it comes to timepieces. This is largely because women tend to have far more options than do men when it comes to accessorizing. A watch must not only suit the woman, but her shoes, her belt, her handbag, and her hair to boot. That said, the best advice when shopping for womens watches is to know your recipient's tastes and sensibilities.

You may end up buying a stunning antique watch that simply doesn't suit the woman in your life. And most warrantees do not ensure against mismatched tastes, which means it's worth doing an extra bit of leg work before splurging on an expensive timepiece. Another option to consider is the replica watch, which oftentimes boasts the exact same style and performance as its authentic counterpart but at a fraction of the price. That way, if you do choose poorly, you're only out a tenth of the money that you would be if you purchased the wrong Rolex.

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