Cerin Wedding Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Cerin wedding rings are a new wedding band, of the highest quality, produced in Great Britain. The process to make these "porcelain like" ceramic resin bands begins with a first layer of four resin base color applications (blue, green, black, or red) with the 4th application color creating the mottling effect. The layers are then fused by ultraviolet heat creating the visual effect of high quality enameling without the drawback of common enamel cracking, exorbitant prices and costly repair.

Cerin bands are highly durable to wear and scuff marks can be removed by your jeweler with a light polish. The bands are available in 14 karat yellow gold or 14 karat white gold. Prices vary depending on the size and type of cerin ring you are requesting, but generally are not more expensive than a typical platinum band.

Why Cerin?

Cerin wedding rings are very unique wedding rings. They are a great alternative to the typical plain gold or platinum band, and can really accentuate the brilliance of a diamond or other gemstone. For instance, a blue cerin band would look spectacular with a sapphire and diamond engagement ring, as the blue cerin will complement the blue sapphire stone.

With all the alternatives out there today regarding wedding rings, it makes sense to consider your options. Many couples want a ring that will set them apart from everyone else, and cerin rings allow just that. They are beautiful, sturdy, and make a perfect match to almost any engagement ring.

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cerin rings

Cerin rings look cool. They are still made of precious metal like gold but colored....really cool. :)
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