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Diamond Wedding Bands

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When you get married, there are so many things to think about! The vows, the cake, the invitations, the seating plan! Sometimes it feels like the list of things to do is never-ending, and choosing your diamond wedding bands should rank highly on your "to-do" list.

Choosing your wedding band is a meaningful wedding task. This ring will not only be with you for the wedding day, but it will stay with you for the rest of your life (or at least for the duration of your marriageā€¦ but details, details)! Figuring out what you want in a wedding band can actually be quite difficult. Who knew that there were so many choices?

Traditionally, you find diamonds only on a woman's engagement ring, but diamond wedding bands are becoming an increasingly popular item. Usually, a diamond wedding band is characterized by several small diamonds embedded in the metal band. This makes the diamond band distinct from the diamond engagement ring. The traditional diamond engagement ring often features one large diamond. This diamond protrudes from the band, making the focus of the engagement ring the stone. The focus of the wedding ring is the continuity of the band.

The only drawback of a diamond wedding band is that it will have to be cleaned more often than a standard, less detailed metal band. Wedding bands are usually worn everyday and the grooves and detailing of the diamond placements will create areas where dirt can settle. For some people, this can be an annoyance, making it preferable to have a standard band. For others, the bling is worth it. It's a decision to be made based on your personal tastes and daily activities.

Price Expectations
A diamond wedding band will probably be more expensive than a standard, simple metal band. However, more expensive does not mean unaffordable. You can find diamond wedding bands for as cheap as $150! To purchase a band of this price, you can shop online for deals or find a discounted jewelry store in your area.

For something as lasting as wedding rings, some people prefer to buy from a well-known, elegant chain like Tiffany's, Cartier or Bulgari. If you buy a diamond band from Tiffany's, for example, you will also receive a certificate that authenticates and guarantees the diamonds. Some smaller stores and chains will also provide this service. A diamond wedding band from Tiffany's will start at around $1,000.

Generally speaking, wedding bands come in a set. Often, they match or go together in some way. If you are interested in diamond wedding bands, it will be no problem to find a man's and woman's version of the same ring.

Some men might not feel comfortable with having diamonds in their rings, but it is still possible for a man's plain band to match a woman's diamond band. The most important thing to remember about wedding bands is that regardless of what you are looking for, you can find it. There are thousands of stores and consultants waiting to assist you. If you haven't found your ideal diamond wedding band yet, keep looking--it's out there.

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