Etruscan Wedding Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Etruscan wedding rings are beautifully designed pieces of art that represent a rich period of European history. Traditional Etruscan bands are either yellow gold, white gold, or two-tone, with a detailed pattern on the band. Many of the bands are designed with diamonds in addition to the intricate sculpting, so resizing is not recommended.

Many Etruscan wedding rings are two-tone, and therefore they complement just about any other pieces of jewelry worn at the same time. The bands usually have finely detailed patterns, and can include diamonds or other gemstones. These are unique wedding rings that are sure to generate many questions and compliments from others.

Antique Wedding Rings

Original Etruscan wedding rings would surely be considered an antique, as the Etruscans were a part of Italian history thousands of years ago. Buying an original could cost you an absolute fortune, and a great deal of time tracking one down. Fortunately, many jewelers today can make high quality replicas that truly represent that period in time.

If you are an individual who loves history and anything old, then you might want to consider purchasing an Etruscan ring for your wedding band. They are beautifully hand-crafted with much fine detail, and can include diamonds or other gemstones if you so desire. Truly, these gorgeous rings are a work of art, to be shown off with pride and happiness.

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