Gold Wedding Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Gold wedding rings set the standard long ago when it came to engagement and wedding ring designs. In fact, a very traditional engagement ring is a yellow gold band with a single round solitaire diamond. Fortunately, unique wedding rings are created today that deviate from the traditional, allowing couples to create rings that suit their own individual style and tastes.

Jewelers create yellow, rose, green, and white golds by using different alloys. More copper results in a soft rose color; additional silver creates green gold; and palladium produces the ever-popular white gold. Gold is very durable and has been around for thousands of years, which makes it a perfect precious metal for creating jewelry.

Gold for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. . .

Jewelers throughout the ages have preferred gold to all other metals for its beauty and ease of workmanship. Gold can be melted, or shaped, to create practically any design. It can be alloyed with a number of other metals to increase its strength and produce a variety of colors.

Gold wedding rings can come in a variety of karats, from nine karat all the way up to 24 karat. Wedding ring sets can be two tone, using both white and yellow gold, or gold with another metal such as platinum or titanium. Whatever picture you have in your mind about the perfect wedding ring, it can be created to provide you with years of happiness.

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