Hand Woven Wedding Ring

Written by Amy Hall
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A hand woven wedding ring is a distinctive alternative to a typical plain wedding band. These rings are often woven together using different types and colors of precious metals. For instance, some rings are created by weaving together yellow gold, white gold and rose gold to create a dramatic effect.

Wedding rings are very sentimental pieces of jewelry, and should be a reflection of the individual person's style. More and more couples are becoming interested in unique wedding rings as opposed to the traditional plain bands. They want something that is different, stylish, and will remind them of their special love for a lifetime to come.

Expressions of Love

A hand woven wedding ring is the ultimate expression of your love, as the woven design represents your love intertwined. Perhaps there is no other wedding band available that captures the sentiment better than the woven ring. It is the ultimate representation of two lives mingled forever, setting aside the individuals for one union. No other wedding ring encapsulates true love better than the beauty of a woven ring.

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