Platinum Wedding Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Platinum wedding rings have been gaining in popularity over the last decade, and have surpassed the traditional gold wedding ring sets. Platinum is today's "hot" metal, and it is more expensive and heavier than gold. This precious metal is ideal for jewelry, especially for stone settings as it has a low "spring-back" rate.

Platinum started to be used in jewelry in Europe about the mid nineteenth century, but it was not until the 1924 find that it started to become commonly used. It became very fashionable during the art deco movement, as it possesses very good mechanical properties for jewelry, being strong, and highly durable. Platinum has continued to soar in popularity today, and many couples who are getting married opt for this precious metal over gold or white gold settings.

The Beauty of Platinum

Many people would argue that platinum actually shows off the brilliance of a diamond better than yellow gold. Platinum wedding rings have certainly gained in notoriety and preference over the last decade, and more and more jewelers are custom-designing rings using this precious metal. Platinum has become symbolic of wedding rings of all styles, especially antique wedding rings.

Many beautiful estate rings are made of platinum, and they carry the look and feel of romance. When diamonds are paired up with platinum, the look is bound to be stunning. Whatever your style or taste, platinum will make an elegant statement for your unique wedding rings.

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