Rolling Wedding Ring

Written by Amy Hall
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A rolling wedding ring most certainly represents your flair for style and your appreciation for beauty. These wedding rings are made with overlapping bands, that look like three separate rings tangled together. However, a rolling ring is really one ring that gives the illusion of three.

Many people opt for a rolling wedding ring that has three different colored metals to create a dramatic effect. For instance, many rolling rings are made of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Often times, a rolling ring has small bezel set diamonds in it, to add just a little bit more sparkle and drama.

Buying Unique Wedding Rings

A rolling wedding ring is one of the most unique and different wedding bands you can buy today. It offers the illusion of three separate rings, though it is one ring with three intertwined layers. Rolling rings are popular as everyday jewelry, but more and more people are buying them as wedding bands.

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