Unique Wedding Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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Unique wedding rings can be created with a little thought and foresight into what will make you happy for the long-term. If you shy away from the traditional styles of diamond wedding rings, and prefer something a little bit more distinct, then you can work with a reputable jeweler to create the ring of your dreams. There are no specific rules to follow when having a ring custom made, except to follow your heart and go with a design that will make you ecstatic every time you glance down at your hand.

Wedding rings, just like fashion, often have peaks and valleys, and they follow trends and fads just like clothing and other accessories do. Yellow gold used to be the norm for wedding rings, now yellow gold is out. Then platinum took over and has reigned supreme for the last decade or so. However, other metals, such as titanium and white gold have begun to gain in popularity as well.

Diamonds, Gemstones, and Precious Metals

Unique wedding rings can include diamonds, gemstones, any combination of precious metals, or just a single precious metal with or without diamonds or other stones. It can be so much fun to design the ring of your choice, as the possibilities are endless. You can work with an experienced jeweler and watch your thoughts and ideas turn into a reality.

Many couples choose to have rings made that are very similar to each other, and vary only in size and width. Other couples have completely different tastes and have rings designed specifically to suit their individual styles. Your wedding ring should be a reflection of your true self, and it should make you happy every time you glance down at your hand and remember your enduring love.

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