White Gold Engagement Rings

Written by Amy Hall
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White gold engagement rings have soared to new heights in the last few years. As with clothes and fashion, the jewelry industry has its own trends and fads. Recently, white gold has replaced yellow gold in the design and personal preference in wedding rings.

Platinum is probably the number one precious metal on the market today in terms of engagement rings. However, it is very expensive and many people simply cannot afford to purchase a platinum ring for their loved ones. Fortunately, white gold looks practically the same as platinum, but it is just as durable and much less expensive.

White Gold and Diamonds

White gold engagement rings sparkle when they include a brilliant brilliant solitaire or a cluster of smaller diamonds. The white, silvery sheen of the white gold showcases the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds better than yellow gold. Many couples are opting for white gold when choosing among diamond wedding rings, as it is a metal that complements every skin tone and style of dress.

Many antique wedding rings come with white gold, as jewelers through the ages have known of its beauty and endurance. You can pair a white gold diamond ring with a two-tone band, or simply with a thin plain band. The possibilities are endless when it comes to diamond engagement rings, so make sure that you choose a ring that will reflect her personal style and flair.

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