Office Privacy

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Some people don't give much thought to office privacy. There life is an open book and they don't care who knows about what. For others, office privacy is a very important factor in overall employee satisfaction. Personal privacy and professional privacy both need to be protected so that those who see these as important factors feel comfortable in the workplace. Ensuring office privacy doesn't have to be expensive either.

Office Privacy For Employees

Like I said, some people have very little concern for privacy at work. They don't care who knows what about them. Other people are much more private and they don't want everyone on the floor knowing the intimate details of their work and personal life. We spend so much time at work now that even in the most open corporate culture cliques form and gossip spreads like wildfire. Sometimes it seems like high school all over again. For many employees, personal information should be kept outside work, reserved for close friends and family. If you want to be kept out of the office rumor mill, think about implementing a white noise sound masking device.

These sonic devices not only keep your personal life private, but they also protect your privileged professional information. Keep critical information out of non-essential ears by using one of these machines to mask sound frequencies. The details of your account's performance do not need to be overheard by another account or project manager, and white noise guarantees a high level of office privacy.

Office Privacy For Employers

It is not only employees who need privacy in the office. As an employer you need to protect important information from getting to the wrong people. Secret details regarding negotiations, mergers, acquisitions, profits, losses, hirings, layoffs, etc can be valuable to competitors and other parties. Sound masking technology not only makes your employees happy, but protects you as well.

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