Oral Privacy Requirements

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Due to the increasingly complex and interdependent nature of business, oral privacy requirements have been enacted and redefined in order to guarantee safety and proper use of highly confidential and potentially valuable information. Technology has made the exchange of information faster and wider than at any point in history so oral privacy requirements were put in place to protect people against the misuse of information.

Background Info On Oral Privacy Requirements

Many factors contributed to the enactment of oral privacy requirements. Basically what happened was this. Laws already existed pertaining to the acquisition and exchange of written information. No one would claim the legality of obtaining and distributing confidential documents. It is just common sense that this is illegal. There were not, however, similar privacy requirement for spoken communication. The claim that "Oh, it's just something I heard somewhere" was a perfectly legal defense against accusations of misuse of information.

Verbal communication had no legal protection. Employees or other persons who overheard valuable information could basically do with it what they wished without fear of reprisal. This situation is clearly intolerable, so oral privacy requirements were put in to play. These requirements have been clearly stated and outlined so courts now have guidelines to follow in oral privacy cases.

Various groups are directly affected by oral privacy requirements. They range from employers, the military, insurers, and a range of medically related fields. Several important factors have been clearly expressed regarding oral privacy requirements that must be strictly adhered to. These requirements exist to protect all parties involved and the detailed legal code can be obtained on the Internet.

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