Sonet System

Written by Seth Cotterell
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For individual use in personal spaces or in a small office, the Sonet system is probably one of the best noise masking systems available. The Sonet system is designed for use by people occupying cubicle space or in small enclosed offices. It also works very well at home for people who have trouble sleeping.

Sonet System 411

Like I said, the Sonet system is best for use in smaller areas like cubicles, small offices, and bedrooms. It is designed to mask sounds in an area up to 500 sq. ft. It will keep your conversations private and protect you from pesky distractions and annoying noises. The system itself is described as a gentle whooshing sound. It's a sound your brain ignores due to its lack of structure, so you barely even know it's there. What you will notice are the results.

The Sonet system, unlike older systems which use a single channel design, runs two channels that allow it more effectively mask voices and other environmental sounds. Less sounds mean less distractions and greater privacy for you. And one of the best things about the Sonet system is how easy it is to install. The directions are simple and no in depth knowledge or training is necessary. Just about anyone can install this system in only a few minutes.

Besides its ability to mask outside noises and voices, the Sonet system comes with everything you'll need to put it together and at a very affordable price. The Sonet system is a great speech privacy system for people in small enclosed areas who need to guarantee privacy.

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