Speech Privacy Systems

Written by Seth Cotterell
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There are many different kinds of speech privacy systems. What is considered a speech privacy system all depends on how far you are willing to stretch the definition of the words involved and stay true to the meaning of protecting confidential speech. Speaking a different language or whispering could be considered speech privacy systems if you really want to stretch the meaning of the term, but these safeguards would be difficult to defend in a court of law.

Real Speech Privacy Systems

Of course the examples I just provided are slightly facetious, but I wanted to get a point across. No organization would rely on either of those methods to protect its secret and valuable information from those who would use it to their own advantage or the disadvantage of others. Strict laws have been enacted to protect verbal communication similar to existing laws protecting written information. Businesses and organizations in a range of sensitive industries must comply with these regulations.

So how do businesses protect their oral communication? The best speech privacy systems I know of are white noise sound masking systems. White noise systems are cheap and reliable. The technology behind them is the best available method to protect verbal communication. The field of white noise emitted by the generator masks the sound of voices so that only the people in direct communication with each other can understand what is being said. Outsiders can not accidentally or intentionally eavesdrop on important conversations.

Speech privacy systems like these are an ideal way to protect yourself, your clients, your information, and your business. They are also the most affordable speech privacy systems on the market.

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