Voicearrest Systems

Written by Seth Cotterell
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VoiceArrest systems are effective in protecting private speech from unwanted listeners. Speech privacy is an increasingly important issue and VoiceArrest systems effectively protect the confidentiality of your most intimate conversations. VoiceArrest systems do not employ acoustic cops to arrest renegade sound waves, but rather rely on white noise to mask sounds that would otherwise travel to unknown and unwanted ears.

VoiceArrest Systems And White Noise

White noise is not called white because of any inherent color characteristic. Sound waves are invisible so color does not matter. What it means is that white noise encompasses the entire spectrum of sound frequencies just as white light contains all the colors of the visible spectrum. Sounds encountering white noise are slowed and weakened by the interference.

White noise VoiceArrest systems are commonly called sound masking systems. This is because they mask sounds rendering them inaudible or incomprehensible to others. This works wonderfully in crowded and noisy work places. Simply switch on the white noise generator and distracting noises fade into the background. It's proven to make workers more productive and more satisfied.

In certain situations, government regulation requires efforts to protect the privacy of verbal communication. VoiceArrest Systems are commonly used in these settings to comply with those regulations. Medical offices, government institutions, and some businesses are all required to protect speech privacy.

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