White Noise

Written by Seth Cotterell
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White noise technology has been in use in business and home environments for over three decades now. White noise technology is used as a tool to minimize distractions caused by intrusive noises. Minimizing distractions keeps employees focused and working and increases their efficiency and effectiveness.

What Is White Noise?

You may be asking yourself what is white noise exactly? The technology may be advanced, but the concept is really quite simple. Do you know anyone who sleeps with a fan on, even in the winter, to drown out random noises? Then you know someone using a primitive white noise machine. Background white noise is used to mask random sounds intruding into a specific environment.

The science behind this is really rather amazing. Every sound, from speech to a dog's bark, to a car horn occupies a certain frequency range in the sound spectrum. You understand a sound not only because of what it is, but in comparison to what it is not. You know a sound belongs to a certain source because your brain effectively eliminates all the other possibilities. White noise introduces almost inaudible sounds that occupy the full range of the spectrum, thereby masking other sounds and making them indistinct and unintelligible.

Where And When Is White Noise Useful?

White noise systems have many useful applications. One of the best places to utilize a white noise system is in the office. If you've ever worked in a cubicle with a noisy neighbor before, you know just how distracting their activities and conversations can be. Using white noise to mask those intrusive sounds can not only make employees more productive, but more content as well.

In addition to decreasing employee distractions to increase productivity, this technology has another added benefit. Often times, the work we perform is of a very sensitive nature. A lot of privileged and sensitive information is discussed during the course of business everyday. Much of this information is private and confidential and you simply don't want other people overhearing it. This is where white noise comes in. White noise fills up the entire sound spectrum, masking your conversation even from the person in the very next cubicle.

White noise systems can be used virtually anywhere in a business environment. You can make sure important information stays in the conference room by employing white noise technology in hallways, foyers, waiting rooms, even restrooms. Trusting business partners to keep your information confidential is essential.

White Noise Outside The Office

Bark! Bark! Bark! Does this sound familiar? Do you toss and turn all night because of a noisy dog in your neighborhood? A good night sleep is a necessity to keep us happy and healthy. The practical applications of this technology are not limited to business settings. White noise works just as well at home.

It even works away from home. It's often difficult to get a good rest in a strange environment. People who travel frequently on business find white noise to be a great way to mask unfamiliar ambient sounds that would otherwise prevent them from getting a full night sleep. Even if you're just out to enjoy a nice vacation, white noise can help you sleep and come back feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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