White Noise Machines

Written by Seth Cotterell
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While they've been in use in businesses and homes for three decades, white noise machines haven't changed very much. Most white noise machines still operate under the same principles and with the same basic design they did thirty years ago. The technology behind these machines is so reliable and so effective that only recently have changes been made.

The Purpose Of White Noise Machines

The purpose of these machines is obviously to create white noise. But what is white noise? White noise contains all the frequencies of sound just as white light contains all the frequencies of light. It is used to mask ambient noise to minimize distractions. The science is proven safe and effective, and many businesses and individuals use this technology daily.

Some More About White Noise Machines

The machines that create the white noise effect are very impressive. They are awfully little for a machine with such a big job. These machines are compact in design. They can block an incredible amount of sound considering that most models are only a few inches by a few inches in size. The smallest machines can mask sounds in cubicles or small rooms, while larger models can cover much larger areas.

These machines are designed for use in different environment. Strategically placed white noise emitters can mask sounds in an entire office, while personal size units are best for use at home or if you travel. White noise machines protect your privacy at work and help you sleep at home. They work great at work, at home, or on the road. I personally can't sleep without one.

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