Financial Freedom

Written by Liza Hartung
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When people talk about financial freedom, they are usually talking about a few things. This is not just money in the bank. That always helps, but if you have high bills, you're just broke at a higher level. In addition, if you work so often that you can't ever enjoy your money, you really don't have freedom. We're talking about having time and money together. At the very least, we're talking about part-time work, on your own schedule, which brings you enough money to enjoy life.

The Quest for Financial Freedom

How do you go about achieving financial freedom? There are zillions of books on the topic. I recommend reading a few of the most popular ones. However, most people that have this freedom are their own bosses. They work for themselves. They don't have a time clock to punch in and out every day. If it sounds daunting to come up with something where you get to be your own boss, don't worry.

There are thousands and thousands of business ideas and ventures in this world that are suitable for people of all levels. You may be the most business savvy person in the world. Or you may not know what "retail" means. As long as you find something of interest to you, you can achieve financial freedom. Have you ever thought about selling sterling silver jewelry?

This is not a hard business to start up. You don't have to have a huge retail store. You can be a traveling vendor, sell online, or sell through silver parties at your house. Just pick up a few books about starting your own small business and learn the basics. You could be off and running in less than a month.

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