Flea Market Supplies

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Your next door neighbor at last week's flea market was bragging about a new wholesaler that boasted unbeatable flea market supplies prices. At first you thought it wasn't true, but the more you asked around you realized that your loyalty to the same vendor has overshadowed price breaks and more opportunity for profit. You decide to make the switch.

Before jumping feet first into a new relationship with a wholesaler, you need to find one that has the same flea market supplies you've been peddling for years. After all, you're known to have the best silver jewelry collection at the market. You decide to listen to the advice given and surf the Web in search of bargains.

Don't Get Overwhelmed

After fifteen minutes, you're overwhelmed with the opportunities available. Don't make a rash decision. Write down a list of the key elements in finding the right wholesaler and read each website in detail. Shipping policies, minimum order numbers, and payment options should help you make the right decision.

Two weeks later you find yourself next to the braggart. You smoothly mention that you've also decided to switch wholesaler companies. Your flea market supplies are cheaper than every before and are attracting more visitors than you could have dreamed of.

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