Pink Ribbon Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Pink ribbon jewelry is at the heart of a lot of wonderful fund-raisers. Pink breast cancer ribbons are recognized as the symbol of support for those battling breast cancer. Although many people choose to show their support by wearing plain pink ribbons, others show their support with pink ribbon jewelry, such as charm bracelets or pins.

Is your organization interested in raising money for breast cancer research and education? Perhaps someone in your group has been affected by the disease, and you all wish to show your love and concern through raising funds. Fund-raising is a great activity for athletic teams, neighborhood groups, choirs, Red Hat Ladies, and church groups.

Raising Funds with Pink Ribbon Jewelry

Your group can raise funds with pink ribbon jewelry. This can be done a couple of different ways. Your members can go door to door selling pink ribbon items. They can also plant themselves in front of a heavily trafficked area, like a coffee shop or grocery store.

Your members can also raise funds in other ways, and offer ribbon jewelry as thank you gifts. People like to know that their time, energy, and money are appreciated. If you reward your donors with ribbon pins this year, they'll be much more likely to give again next year.

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