Silver Jewelry Supplies

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Before starting your own jewelry reselling business, make an investment in silver jewelry supplies. This will help make your business seem professional and will help you take better care of your merchandise. Additionally it will allow your customers to view your merchandise and teach them the proper ways to care for their purchases.

What Kind of Supplies Will You Need?

For starters, you need a way to show off all your rings, earrings and gemstones. Choose from velvet trays or jewelry rolls to aptly show off the latest styles of costume jewelry and sterling silver. These items are a one time purchase and will help you get your business off the ground.

Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing other silver jewelry supplies, such as velvet or satin pouches, in order to carry your rings to flea markets and fairs. Or perhaps, you'd like each of your customers to have a pouch in order to keep their jewelry from tarnishing. Be sure to include the cost of the pouch in the price tag on the ring.

How to Avoid Tarnish

Since silver is known for tarnishing, one of the most crucial silver jewelry supplies your small business should have is tarnish remover and brushes. This will help to keep your stock looking new even if they've been around for months. Use the cleaning products to show your shoppers the appropriate methods of keeping their sterling silver looking fresh.

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