Supplier Source

Written by Liza Hartung
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A supplier source is necessary for anyone starting his or her own business. Even if you make the products yourself, you will need to get your supplies from somewhere. You can also sell straight from the box. Of course, setting your supplies up nicely will create greater appeal to your customers. Make sure you find a supplier that you feel comfortable with.

You should not only like the products that your supplier source provides, but you should feel good about the prices, the customer service, and the shipping method. If you are working with more expensive or fragile products, make sure the source uses a carrier with a good insurance policy. You don't need all of your products to arrive broken and then get no compensation for them.

Supplier Source and Shipping

You also want to make sure that your supplier source ships in a timely manner. If you are ready to start your business now or you need an order filled immediately, you don't want to wait eight weeks. Any company that tells you that you have to wait that long should be avoided. It probably means they are scamming you or they are going through another supply source. Either way, avoid them.

The average order shipped in the United States should take no longer than 10 days to arrive. That's with regular postage and barring unforeseen events. Generally, you should get your order within three to seven days. Make sure you order accurately. Think about where you will be selling your products and to what kinds of groups. You don't want to over order and you don't want to under order.

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