Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The secret to buying wholesale costume jewelry is simple, buy costume jewelry that will sell to the final user, the consumer. Just because a jewelry item is new does not mean it will sell! Many web sites are constantly putting up new jewelry, but will it sell? Only a few internet companies have the knowledgeable staff of experienced fashion jewelry buyers that have the knowledge of what the consumer will buy in new jewelry coming on the market daily.

It takes many years of buying experience for a buyer to acquire the knowledge of what the consumer will buy! Because it is new, and you have never seen anything like it before, or it is cute, does not mean it will sell!

If you are in the business of buying wholesale costume jewelry to resell to retailers, or a retailer that sells to the consumer, you need to buy from a web site that has the experienced, talented buyers who know what jewelry, in what fashion styles, colors, and looks your customer will buy. You cut your risk dramatically of being left with jewelry inventory you cannot sell.

Determining the Quality of Wholesale Costume Jewelry, Before You Buy

First of all, be wary of websites that publish only very tiny photos of their wholesale costume jewelry. If they won't allow you to take a close look at the details of an item, chances are it's because they've got something to hide. Also, be wary of websites that don't include thorough descriptions of each wholesale costume jewelry item. If those stones were cubic zirconia, the wholesalers would go out of their way to describe them, wouldn't they? If they don't bother to tell you what a piece is made of, it's because they don't want you to know.

Be wary of websites that sell costume jewelry along with too many other items. If a company wants to sell jewelry, along with a limited number of accessories, that's reasonable. If a company sells jewelry, hats, pen lights, ashtrays, wine gifts, perfume, and candles all on the same site, chances are they are not experts at buying jewelry.

Why do you need your wholesaler to be an expert? Can't you just buy what you like? If you are buying jewelry with the intention of reselling it at fairs, home parties, or online, then no, simply buying items you like is not enough. You need to buy items that are going to sell. That means you need to buy very current, very high quality jewelry. Buying last year's fashions just isn't good enough.

Buying Wholesale Costume Jewelry for Yourself

What if you aren't interested in reselling the jewelry you buy online? What if you simply want to buy items that you, yourself, can wear? You should still buy the most current items available. Keep in mind, current does not mean trendy. I'm not suggesting that you buy an item which will only look good for the next year. I'm suggesting you buy an item that will look good for as many years to come as possible. Give yourself a head start, and buy an item that is current.

Too many websites stock their online stores with losers. The reason they are able to sell the items so cheap is that no one really wanted them in the first place, and they bought them for next to nothing. These companies sell closeouts, which they try to pass off as hot, new items. Don't let yourself be fooled. Buy quality, or don't buy at all.

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