Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Exciting new wholesale fashion jewelry that will sell to your customer is difficult to find. Sure there are thousands of web site that sell jewelry, but who should you buy from? If you are a wholesaler who sells to retailers, or if you are a retailer that desires to make a larger profit of 3-5 times cost, if you are a home party retailer or craft/booth retailer, it is difficult to determine who has good prices on quality wholesale fashion jewelry or who has inferior jewelry that looks good on their web site. The other problem with searching for a quality, dependable importer/ or manufacturers on the internet is that 98% of them have only been in business for 2-3 years, yet they claim to be the biggest and the best. How do you know how to find a reliable, quality importer/ or manufacturer of fashion jewelry?

Building Your Inventory of Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

One sure way is, to find an importer/ or manufacturer who has been around a long, long time. Who has the knowledge of who the best factories to import from are, and knows which factories manufacture quality fashion jewelry. Which ones are dependable with deliveries, and that deliveries to you 99% of there orders from you the same day they receive your order? If the price is good, if the quality is there, but you don't get the jewelry when you need it, than its value to you is 0, its price, and quality are meaningless.

There are only a couple of importers/manufacturer's who have been around 35 years or more on the internet. There are only a few that have the fashion knowledge of what to manufacture/or import, and that know how to manufacture/or import quality wholesale fashion jewelry. That are dependable, and reliable, and ship immediately.

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