Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wholesale rhinestone jewelry is a perennial favorite on wholesale costume jewelry websites. Some of the best selling wholesale rhinestone jewelry items are holiday pieces. Rhinestones are usually very flamboyant, and so is holiday jewelry.

Sparkling rhinestone pumpkins or Christmas trees are light-hearted pieces that are supposed to catch the eye. They don't have to be understated and discreet, like a pair of pearl earrings. These are fun, colorful items that celebrate the joy, and even the silliness, of the season.

Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry for Distributors

Wholesale rhinestone jewelry is a smart investment for jewelry distributors. Do you sell jewelry at flea markets, home parties, or swap meets? If so, you need some wholesale rhinestone jewelry in your inventory. This is a particularly wise move for distributors who specialize in vintage or vintage-look items.

For instance, you can sell a host of 1950s and '60s pins, charms, and earrings, and throw some wholesale rhinestone earrings in with them as well. You shouldn't play these items off as being vintage. However, customers will understand that they are vintage-look. Sparkling cocktail rings, drop earrings, and pins are very popular items.

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