Wholesale Sterling Silver

Written by Jessica Duquette
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In addition to wholesale sterling silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry makes a great flea market item. In fashion magazines everywhere, there are celebrities and runway models donning turquoise, jade and citrine jewels. They spend thousands of dollars on authentic gold and platinum, but you can push the same look with sterling silver.

Avid flea market shoppers know they can find a diamond in the rough on any given Sunday. These same people read fashion magazines and shop name brand discount stores looking to get the same stylish look for half the price. Break from the norm and try selling beautiful wholesale silver jewelry at very low prices and your business will attract all kinds of quality shoppers.

Complex Designs, Unpretentious Prices

From peridot to pearls and moonshine to malachite, these gemstones can be found in gorgeous wholesale sterling silver settings. You'll be amazed at the complex designs and the unpretentious prices available on the Web.

Once you've succeeded at Sunday's market, take your wholesale sterling silver business to the next level. Think of all the women who would love to show off new jewelry but can't afford the outrageous price tags that usually accompany these gemstones. Soon you'll be the talk of the town.

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