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Written by Josh Dodes
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Thanks to the Internet, there has never been an easier time to buy overstock products of any kind. By acting as a well-organized central marketplace for all manner of overstock merchandise, a few innovative sites have made finding the merchant or buyer you need as easy as the click of a mouse. Whether you do business in electronics or sporting goods, apparel or furniture, these top sites have found an elegant way to help you find just what you're looking for.

Now that there is a huge global business community online, a single well-organized overstock source can save you a tremendous amount of time and energy. A few outstanding websites have arisen to fill that need. By making a simple, straightforward connection between merchants and buyers and then staying out of the way, these top companies bring people together in a way that would have seemed impossible in the past.

The Best Way to Buy Overstock Online

By applying the online auction mechanism which has proven so successful, the best overstock sites have put an end to complicated negotiations and pricing guesswork. When buyers bid against one another, they naturally move prices to a level that merchants can benefit from and the market can bear. In other words, everyone on both sides of a transaction can walk away feeling good.

Now that these innovative websites have stepped in to simplify an overcomplicated business, there is just no need to buy overstock any other way. Around the clock, around the world, buyers and sellers can find each other and do business quickly and efficiently. And when business is quick and efficient, everyone wins.

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Advice on best clearance method ...

Dear Sirs,

Sorry to say but finding the right option on your site is extremly difficult, so I must email and this form appears to be the only contact option ... to ask for advice on BEST WAY TO GO with the particular product I wish to clear ...

I am Peter Hunt, director of NATURE'S WORKSHOP in Australia.
About 12 months ago we had made for us a unique range of modern
lifestyle incense sticks, brand name = EARTH SECRETS.
Check this range on following link ...

However we over ordered.
We bought a 40ft container.
Now we have about 3/4 of 20ft container to sell at clearence price
because changes must be made to packaging.

This means we have about 120,000 packs total of 20 sticks, as per link,
to move.

Which of the MANY options on your site do you feel is the best way to clear this entire LOT on world buyer basis?

How do we/you best go about it?

Best Regards, PETER HUNT, Natures Workshop, AUSTRALIA