Surplus Auction

Written by Josh Dodes
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Though it seems like an intuitive concept, the online surplus auction has actually been a relatively recent phenomenon. Thankfully, a few strong companies have arisen to quickly fill in the gap. By staying user-friendly and easy to navigate, these companies have managed to bring a diverse array of surplus merchandise under the virtual roof of a single auction house, no mean feat.

The auction model is perfectly suited for the wholesale surplus market because it forces buyers to compete for product that is often difficult to price. As a result, the price naturally finds its own fair market price, giving the merchant the most money for her product and giving the buyer the most for his money. That means no more fears of underselling or overpricing.

The Well-Organized Surplus Auction

How can a single overstock auction site possibly encompass the vast array of available products? The answer is that by staying organized and out of the way of business, these sites can provide a meeting ground for buyers and merchants that does not itself need to be specific to the product. Since these sites are simply connecting buyers and merchants at auction, it doesn't matter whether the product is hairbrushes or rocking chairs.

Perhaps the best and most obvious part about these surplus auction sites is that they come to you. No more hours of calling or traveling to find the right business partner. Now the marketplace is as close as your computer screen, day or night.

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