Wholesale Surplus

Written by Josh Dodes
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In the past, the notion of bringing the entire wholesale surplus business under one roof would have seemed impossible. With such a wide array of overstock merchandise, how could it possibly be contained in one space? And even if it could be, how could buyers possibly find their way around it?

For years, the overstock market was constrained by just these limitations. Far-flung and fragmented, each sector of the wholesale surplus market operated totally independently. Bringing the whole business together would have seemed laughable, at best.

A New Day for Wholesale Surplus

Today, thanks to the Internet and the innovation of a few key companies, yesterday's impossibility has become today's reality. Through careful planning, these top companies have organized the wholesale market into intuitive categories and made those categories easy to navigate. Our goal at Wholesale Surplus Authority is to help you discover how easy it is to navigate this world and dramatically increase business.

The top companies all distinguish themselves by doing a few key things right. They have all put a premium on helping merchants and buyers find one another and interact directly. They understand that the best thing they can do in a time-pressured business is help transaction partners find one another and then get out of the way.

The Free Market On Your Screen

The best companies have also understood that the smartest way to allow both merchants and buyers to walk away satisfied is to let the market itself set the pricing. By employing the online auction model which has proven so wildly successful elsewhere on the Net, these overstock sites let buyers bid against one another in real time. What this means is that prices naturally rise to the highest point that the market can bear, while still giving buyers a great deal.

In a market that can unpredictable, this auction model provides an elegant solution. It not only ensures fair pricing, but it also requires a minimum of effort on the part of the players involved. No protracted negotiations necessary, just competition leading the way to fairness.

The Market Is Open Now

Best of all, by moving the wholesale surplus business online, these top companies are able to create a vibrant market that is always open. They understand that you business doesn't always stop when "business hours" do. In a global market, that constant accessibility can mean big business.

There's no reason to wait, now that the future is here. When you can conduct business across the country quicker than you could previously do it across town, there's no reason to settle for less. Join the online auction revolution and see just how much more efficiently your wholesale surplus can move.

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